how to make embroidered postcards

Quality Handmade Items from WhisperingOak said 6 years ago. This is a great project to do with my son :) love it! Thanks for sharing this with us! on Introduction, I tried to make something like this and it did not turn out very well. I somehow don't have the mood for a Christmas postcard — perhaps, the reason is that I haven't found a proper design. Using your needle, poke holes in the areas that you’d like to embroider first, keeping in mind that you can add more holes once you’ve started embroidering. Many thanks for sharing & good Irish luck in Dublin. Great Idea and now I am gonna have to try this with some of my extra vintage photos...:), Deanna Toribio from VitaskinPlus said 6 years ago, patty mora from PattyMoraVintage said 6 years ago, theartlyons from theartlyons said 6 years ago. Looking forward to experimenting with the laminated burlap. Thanx for the post. I personally use pattern weight stabilizer that I get at JoAnn's. Clare McGibbon is a Brooklyn-based designer and maker. textilechicken from textilechicken said 6 years ago. How whimsical~ I would even go a step further and *mail* the postcards to friends and family, near...or far! Embroidery machines are amazing. We use Staples Matte White Postcards–$21.99 for 200 cards–we’ve made a lot of cards this summer. Did you make this project? Decorative techniques for making embroidered cards. I decided to embroider a postcard. The first step is to choose a design and embroider it. This looks like a fun idea children would also enjoy ! From shop DNEembroidery. I will share it with my children I know they will love to do this!!! Make a festive, flowery photo backdrop for your next party. Or, simply choose a postcard template to make … Then join a swap and prepare to be amazed at the appliquéd, beaded, embossed, embroidered, painted, pieced, quilted, stitched, thread painted and just plain embellished cards you receive in the mail. Also interesting for kids to work with a picture of them selves! Dita Maulani from Maulani said 6 years ago, Noémie Vaillancourt from noemiah said 6 years ago, Theme Fragrance from themefragrance said 6 years ago, super cute, and i love the sequin sunglasses :), melodieperfumes from melodieperfumes said 6 years ago. Love it check out my shop, Craig and Pam Booth from bybooth said 6 years ago. Vanessa Camburn Bishop from ApplauseApplause said 6 years ago. Don’t design alone, create your postcard with a team! Great nails too! Such a fabulous idea! Save those old needles and get one out now for making cards and doing paper embroidery. She's also sometimes an irritable cartoon named Tiny Cranky Haley. It’s Mary Corbet here, popping over from Needle ’n Thread and teaming up with Commonthread to share some embroidery tips that will help you personalize your own holiday greeting cards in a fun and unique way. If the card is postally used, there is a chance that the value of the postal markings can outstrip the value of the image on the front of the card. Embroidered Postcards: We love our town here at alt+library, which is why we’ve spent a lot of time this summer embroidering postcards in its honor. I love making quilted postcards. I like to work with metallic thread because it is strong enough to stand up to the … SAVE beautiful greeting cards / Christmas Cards / that you receive throughout the year and then cut out either the SAYING on the inside ... or the PICTURE on the front of the card and SEW it onto the Blank Cardstock Card .... send it to the person who originally sent you the card, and then on the BACK of the card on the bottom center either Write / Calligraphy / or purchase a Stamp as I have done that simply says: Wow, who would have thought! Zachie Greek from ZachieGreek said 5 years ago, Maya Mladenovic from ArtisticSideOfLife said 5 years ago, ohhh how cool! Over the years, I’ve had many, many queries about how to make hand embroidery patterns. Your animation of the steps was wonderful. In this section we'd like to show you how to make such a card, using embroidery designs. Cut carefully so your postcard isn't lopsided or irregular! 9 years ago Tape the back of the image with masking tape. What a fun project - the instructions were excellent! I will never look at a postcard the same way again. And there you have it: a beautiful, embroidered memory to display in your home! Greeting Cards Greeting cards are one of the most popular souvenirs. to complete the design. Thank you for including my item =D, Diahann Mangoni from ClayMeADream said 6 years ago, Martha Layton Smith from opendoorstudio said 6 years ago, Jill O'Leary from fiberluscious said 6 years ago. These days transferring embroidery files to your machine is a piece of cake, as most newer machines read files over a … That is so fun - what a great image/animation. We can even see your creativity in your nail polish - which is stunning. RECYCLED BY BARNES ... or Recycled with Love There, the postcards were cut apart and mounted on stiff card, and the back was able to be used for the message and address. I'm going to try your idea of stitching up a photo, recycling cardboard et all. At the present moment, there is a lot of interest in Chinese cards, as these constitute a rapidly expanding market. https://flic.kr/p/Cu2JT, Claudia from CraftyWoolFelt said 6 years ago, I love this idea very unique ♥. This project will be added to my own book of fun things to do!! It was amazing! When completed, another third of the card stock folds and covers the wrong side of the embroidery. Great tutorial :), Akemi from AkemiHandmade said 6 years ago, Michaelann from SayinAndSketchin said 6 years ago, Jane Sheriff from OceanDropPhotography said 6 years ago. 5 out of 5 stars (35) 35 reviews $ 13.47. Hoop a piece of light weight tear away stabilizer. I have a box full of Cardstock Blank Greeting Cards designed for you to place your Photograph on the front.... What about doing exactly what you've shown here, but sew it onto the FRONT of the greeting card, then either cover the Inside Back (to the front cover) with Colored Masking Tape as you have done, or even a Printed Cardstock that matches the photo or colors .... write your own sentiment on the inside and MAIL TO A FRIEND! But I stumbled upon a design for a Valentine's Day postcard instead. Depending on how detailed your image is this can take a while–give your wrist a shake if you get tired. If you don't want to frame your card--glue on one of those postcard backs (or plain cardstock) and mail it to someone who will appreciate all your hardwork. Next, use a straightedge to draw a line down the center of the backside—the space on the left is for your message. As you can see from the examples below, the mounting is much the same as we use today for making embroidered cards. Haley Pierson-Cox. 40 lovely ladies joined us to embroider spring flowers with yarns onto neon cards. Fun! And the manicure is super hot too. Awesome fun way to keep the memories alive ! Thanks for the inspiration. Foreign cards: The average British collection contains very few foreign cards. Anna Kikute from fantasygarden said 6 years ago, Lisa P from TheGoldGator said 6 years ago. Thanks for sharing the idea! It is inexpensive and just right for a project like this. Favorite Add to Blood Cells Embroidery A6 Print ambroidering. Etsy Crafts Fun Crafts Paper Crafts Diy Postcard Art Postal Paper Embroidery Crafty Craft Crafting Craft Party. I read this at 5:55 am and enjoyed your craft idea so much. Looking for pics at home to do this too now :-), Love this!! It's very pleasant to give and very pleasant to receive a card made specially for you. Really thinking out-side the box, I love the 3D effect & automation involved giving a simple postcard or photograph new life.! Thank you for sharing this! These DIY embroidered cards are a lot of fun to make and I was so pleased with the outcome. The sequin sunglasses made me laugh :oD, Blackberry Bungalow from BlackberryBungalow said 6 years ago, heartdosheart from heartdosheart said 6 years ago, Laura from FremontandJane said 6 years ago, Magdalena from SchneiderGallery said 6 years ago, Rebecca Blevins from RaccoonValleyRouge said 6 years ago, Great idea! 5 out of 5 stars (8) 8 reviews $ 5.00. I will try again using this method! The last third allows me to write my message. Applique Aprons Bathroom Beach Bedroom Bookmarks and Reading Cards Children and Nursery Christmas Garden and Yard Get Organized Holidays and Special Events Home Decor In-the-Hoop Kitchen Lace Pets Pillows Placemats and Table Linens Purses and Tote Bags Quilts and Blankets Religious Sewing and Craft Towels Travel Wall Hangings Wearables Winter Wear Embroider design on chosen fabric and cut to size, ideally smaller than folded section, so that fringe or trim can be seen. Lot of 8 Vintage postcards / Embroidered postcards/ Mixed media Postcards/ 3D Postcards/ Stocking Stuffer /Made in Spain / Circa 1970s VINTAGEFINDSByCathy. Then, draw 3 horizontal lines on the right side for the recipient's name and address. Erik Ace from VintageBeautyMakeup said 6 years ago, Amber N from ThriftyAffair said 6 years ago. Awesome post! If needed, you can add more holes as you embroider. Arbie Goodfellow from Parisxox said 6 years ago, virginie lykins from anordicrose said 6 years ago. I think it would work with beads too. Starting from the back of your image, guide your needle through the first hole and pull gently until the knot is up against the hole. The Embroidery Library recently released dozens of new designs specially digitized for cardstock. Adobe Spark Post takes care of all the complex operations, leaving you with the simple fun of making step-by-step customization choices. After a bit of brainstorming, I decided to update my postcard collection by embroidering photocopies of the originals, which proved simple, inexpensive and stunning. I've wanted to try something like this before, but never thought of using tape. This looks like so much fun, and I have plenty of vintage postcards! How fun is this! Read on to learn how to make one of your own. Finally i know what to do with my old postcards. This has given me a good idea for my daughter's forthcoming party! In addition to some of the small, looping text, I thought I’d make it totally clear where this postcard is from with our big and beautiful “Paris” text. The postcards can be so much fun. Basic Instructions for Embroidered Greeting Cards. Here is a little guide to stitching your own: Time: 1 hour or less. Ainee Beland from seule771 said 6 years ago. What a great tutorial. Using our online postcard maker, you can combine any image with text and special graphic elements. Embroidering on cardstock to make holiday and greeting cards is one of the hottest trends in embroidery. Now, take an image you like the look of (we recommend starting with something with lots of straight lines if you are new to embroidery) and place the image on top of your blank cardstock (leave those fancy backs to the side for now). How-To: Embroidered Postcards. I consider any extra ink from the post office an added benefit—–postal art. From shop VINTAGEFINDSByCathy. There is two patterns : the “Christmas tree card”, and the “reindeer card”. Choose your thread. Would make a fun Mother's Day card. josephbdoyledoyle from JodyPhotography said 6 years ago. Guide the needle back through the second hole from front to back and pull the floss gently until your stitch is taut. This will create the appearance of a much larger stitched canvas, and allow you to create design sets much larger than your own machine's embroidery area. Salinah and Aisah Zailani from Simply4Love said 6 years ago. These would make great cards from regular photos,especially thank you cards or invitations. Mel Ladner from epicstitching said 6 years ago. Move on through the back of the third hole and repeat until you’ve finished your stitch. Sunshiine, About: 20s and 30s programming for the Sacramento Public Library, Lady Gaga Cosplay - 2020 VMA's Halloween Costume. ☆ Joni A - Vintage Picks for You and Your Home from Phyndz said 6 years ago. Step 1: Copy your image and print on regular printing paper. Using a back stitch or stem stitch (of sorts), follow the outline you’ve made. Thank you for the new ideas! Wow! SAJATA-E from sajataeford2bd said 6 years ago. Here's a step-by-step report of me making it. Most of the cards were made in France and Belgium. .... Hey, what about this: Patrick from EdelweissPost said 6 years ago. I like having the actual post mark on my card. We love our town here at alt+library, which is why we’ve spent a lot of time this summer embroidering postcards in its honor. Clare - love the Chevron nails ; ), Kerime Sevilen Mustafaoglu from ASHYL said 6 years ago, I prefer pasting my old postcards to the walls. Nikola from NThandmadeJewelry said 6 years ago, Fields Of Vintage from FieldsOfVintage said 6 years ago, Joanne Dohr from Dogdohr said 6 years ago. I have a group of friends that I've been making art with for a few years now. Online center for machine embroidery designs. A great way to make a keepsake - Mother's Day anyone? THANKYOU so much for inspiring a few more ideas to share with our Crafty Etsy Family!!! I will need to try this! honeymoonmuse from honeymoonmuse said 6 years ago. It’s time for another Christmas DIY : the embroidered Christmas cards. Make a set of fabric postcards and gift the set along with fabric markers and postage. Elizabeth Knaus from FreshRetroGallery said 6 years ago. Bring your Holiday Greetings to Life with Paper Embroidery by Mary Corbet Howdy, folks! Read on to learn how to make one of your own. Thanks!! Kasia Dorota from KasiaDorota said 6 years ago. Sound interesting. thank you so much for this. That way the embroidery is stitched in the center third. So fun! ...//// ANOTHER IDEA THAT I'VE DONE BEFORE IS THIS: This year, instead of putting them back in the box where they belong, I had a thought: Why not give them new life and add a little inspired personalization instead? BE BLESSED! Make Embroidered Postcards. This is so much fun! Thank you for such a great idea!!! With the image and the cardstock on top of a piece of cardboard, use your awl to make an outline of your image. You can start by printing a nice old fashioned looking postcard back onto perforated cardstock. I like idea sharing, however little confinement I am in. This is a wonderful idea! messinabella from BandBEstate said 6 years ago, Tana Stephens from TanaAnns said 6 years ago, Serena Lee from 2ndHandMade said 6 years ago, I love this idea of embellishing your photos to give them more dimension. Bridal Vale, OR for Valentines Day, etc. Give old memories new life with this photo embroidery project. Difficulty: Beginner. This is so neat! That would really look neat in a scrapbook...??!! Share it with us! I like to make my cards as tri-fold. I send my postcards to different post offices to get their post marks. If you like, you can make another copy of your image beforehand and draw out the design you’d like to embroider to use as a guide for the hole placement. An amazing and truly unique idea. What a fun idea, especially for decorating photos in your scrapbook. 221. Artist Eva Monleón of Misako Mimoko recently shared this wonderful way to share embroidery projects with a lovely-looking embroidered postcard workshop. A few months ago I worked with Cut Out + Keep, an amazing craft blog, to create a craft tutorial using fabric tags from The Dutch Label Shop. Gift a set of fabric postcards. Visit her shop A Ways Away and keep up with her latest DIY videos and inspiration on Instagram and Pinterest. I love these so much! Very cool. Digital Embroidery : Postcards from Japan fun bag - In the hoop machine embroidery file - Digital Instant download DNEembroidery. I have no time! The reindeer pattern is easier for children since it has less embroidery. Julia K Walton from FireHorseVintageHQ said 6 years ago, Fun! Gloria from gloriaartstudio. At a glance. You are a wonderful inspiration!!!!! lemongrasssoap from lemongrasssoap said 6 years ago. Step 3: Thread your needle and tie a double knot at the end. Select a design that will fit in the available space. Does Clare have an Etsy shop where she sells these? OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Step 4: Once you’re done with your design, cut the excess floss so that it sticks out two inches from the back of your image. Adrienne from HayOhStudio said 6 years ago. Haley Pierson-Cox from Red-Handled Scissors is a maker of crafts, a lover of cats, an avid swearing enthusiast, a cross-stitch book author, and a general purveyor of quirk. Super fun! These would make fun holiday cards, birthday cards, thank you notes, or souvenirs (if you bring them with you to send during a trip). The front of this fabric postcard was made … great project. Thank you for sharing. oooh...I love this! Lovely idea but one must find the time and space for doing of projects of any kind. This looks so much fun,reminds me of cardboard stitch kits we did at school. The Christmas tree card is more for adults. Making embroidered postcards with a machine Based on surviving examples, it is clear that strips (in domestic machine production) or very broad sheets (in factory production), both of organza cloth, were being embroidered with series of identical designs. Lara Korotenko from ETSforYou said 6 years ago, Cindy Barnes from TheInspirationalWord said 6 years ago, LOVE THE IDEA!!!

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