is nottingham a good university

the Student service is usually not very supporting but all in all great experience! Especially when I have trouble to use them ,there will always be someone to help me. The University of Nottingham provides its students with teaching of the very highest quality, according to the results of the inaugural Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF). There is always something happening!! It’s a fantastic university and I have really enjoyed my time here. Ridiculous. Nottingham has everything in regards to facilities and academic rigor. Slightly older than other halls but amazing atmosphere and staff are amazing. Nice uni full of greeneries, with good studying environment. Been to three campuses, Malaysia campus is the worst. Russell Group university heavily targeted by employers. Have really enjoyed first year, my accommodation is great but the food could be better. Going into second and third year Lenton is a student hub and again you feel like part of a a community, everyone you know is a road away. International students pay from £18,420 (arts and social sciences) to £35,220 (veterinary medicine). SB campus is lovely, society opportunities are fab and teaching is second to none. Then over the course of the year it will start to f*** you off because it turns out maintenance is all the uni will happily spend their bastard money on. Beautiful campus, lots of fully renovated study space, excellent student support and limitless number of extracurricular activities. There is so much to get involved in, something for everyone. Also, the Britain's Global University! My course has been interesting and challenging - definitely made the right decision to choose nottingham. I reluctantly chose to go to Nottingham due to it being a ‘good’ RG university for my course (think Economics, Law etc), and decent nightlife. Universities in Nottingham. The course I completed was psychology and it was delivered by numerous members of staff who were always helpful and inviting to ask questions and encourage you to do your best work. Costa, Starbucks and the rest of the more higher priced coffee and sandwich places can really chip away at a students bugdet. Very helpful teachers and staff. Photograph: University of Nottingham Fees £9,250 for full-time undergraduates. It is laughable that the highest category rating (4) I could personally give related to ‘Internet / Wifi’. A friendly environment to get a degree and friends for life. Nottingham Trent is not the only example of a newer university outpacing an elite Russell Group institution in the same city. Really enjoyed my time here at the University of Nottingham. It’s okay , I’m enjoying myself it’s the accommodation staff I’m having trouble with. Needs a better range of food available on-site. It's an amazing uni, no regrets whatsoever. Many of my friends I met through the massive selection of societies. Facilities and services were great, loads of clubs and societies and things to do if you wanted to opt in. Country. deaddddddddd ting man dead ting i swear to god. My halls cost £210 per week. UoN's assessment and administration skills are absolutely shocking, with the length of time to mark and return assessment beyond a joke. It has good facilities and there are a lot of supportive facilities when you need help with certain things, however the adequacy of the actual service I would say are mediocre as university students don’t really receive the definitive results they require. Doing a Masters at this uni. Plus the massive amount of resources available is just amazing for a student. Great facilities with a campus with the potential to continue to improve in the future, UoN is a great learning environment. Graduate employment one of the best in the UK. The WiFi isn’t great but the rest of the uni is good. I am a big fan of Nottingham, great city, great course, great campus. Wonderful campus with lots of space and amazing landscapes. Could not fault it in any way, Great facility and decent education, boring nights out though and not too great people. Facilities are amazing. Excellent place, having an amazing time, some issues with timetabling but otherwise perfect. The university programme will be run by competent staff members and its what you bring to the table that will make the experience worthwhile or not. It's only a short tram/bus ride from the city so it's easy just to pop in for a few bits, but far enough away so it doesn't seem too overwhelming. Supportive and friendly environment. This university has given me a lot of opportunities to broaden my horizons in context of choice of careers after graduation and making friends slowly at my own pace. Variaty of clubs to choose from. Student union is mooch where all the beer is off but that’s fine I guess. Proper good uni, great night life. QS WUR By Subject Ranking. My halls are great and my flatmates are honestly the best part of my uni life. Teaching at the university is of the highest quality, with staff being both knowledgeable and engaging. It's not safe to walk alone on any city street these days. Study Type. Excellent university with great facilities. It gets very very messy. UoN prioritises money over students. I've made so many friends from halls. The university is amazing. The main university campus is gorgeous and open and green, with all the main facilities and buildings within walking distance of each other. 33,540 students are enrolled at the University of Nottingham: - 25,370 of these students come from the UK- 1,545 come from other EU countries- And 6,630 are students from non-EU countries. Fantastic University with a great night life and a great vibe. The campus is lovely and there's a free hopper bus between campuses which is great. WiFi was a bit hit and miss with it being really good in terms of where you can get it across campus but in terms of connection speed, it is not always the best. In general, with a few exceptions, I have found that lecturers and tutors show a lack of care for your studies or how well you do, if you need help, they do very little to support you and it has had a huge impact on my studies and many of my friends’ at the university, in terms of extenuating circumstances and problems relating to courses, grade and examination and coursework. It also lacks a student union club when Nottingham Trent has a very good student union club. Staff are really supportive in every area. There's an abundance of societies and he campusnis beautiful and green, if a bit hilly and very large- running across it in 10 minutes isn't fun! Teaching is phenomenal. Have yet to need to use the careers service but from what I hear it's good. Late night conversation. the university as a whole is amazing! There is nothing bad to say about the campus, especially in the summer with the boating lake, mini golf and numerous campus bars that make it such an enjoyable place to be. The city contains everything you need to have a good time as well. I am genuinely really enjoying my experience here. Great university in every way! The university has a North and South divide. Subjects. Student accommodation is of an average standard, but was still liveable and made the best of friends there. * We'll create your StudentCrowd account and email you when we have responses to your question. University of Nottingham is brilliant all round except for maybe the students union. Just as important to me are their excellent facilities which allowed me to achieve the top grades. Really good challenging uni with good job prospects. The University of Nottingham is a public research university in Nottingham, United Kingdom.It was founded as University College Nottingham in 1881, and was granted a royal charter in 1948.. Nottingham's main campus (University Park) with Jubilee Campus and teaching hospital (Queen's Medical Centre) are located within the City of Nottingham, with a number of smaller campuses and … University park campus where i am based is very beautiful and the students union and portland building are a great social addition to the campus, University of Nottingham was my dream university and I love it so much. Unbelievable campuses, very good students union and career services are second to none. A microwave in each school would be useful. Being a student at the University of Nottingham is the best. Amazing campus, very green. But yeah it's totally worth every single comment. Along with all this, the admin side of things is terrible! I have absolutely loved my time here, from getting a great degree to developing new hobbies and interests, it’s such an amazing institution! Great university, proud to tell people I study here! I loved every minute of my time at Nottingham. Excellent student facilities and union. The grounds are stunning on hot days and it’s the best choice I made city wise, Had an amazing first year notts is such a good night out and the campus is beautiful! The University of Nottingham is a pioneering university that provides an exceptional research-led education (TEF Gold), and an outstanding student experience. The campus is beautiful and the internet is great. Great here, help me with keeping my room. All Study Types. The university experience has proven to be challenging. amazing university with diverse backgrounds of students. But this does not beat going out to the many clubs and societies that Nottingham has to offer with the great people that I've met whilst studying at Nottingham. For a city that is often eclipsed by the likes of Bristol or Leeds, I’d preach that you don’t have to end up at Ocean (the home of cheese) or Crisis (Uni of Social night) to enjoy yourself.. Obviously, I don't expect to be spoon fed at level 7. My lecturers are distinguished and convey information well. Not only is the accommodation some of the best you'll get in UK universities but the services and academic quality provided are great too. This year, Liverpool John … Administrative staffs are not helpful and lazy, sometimes not friendly. Plus, the workload expected from each lecturer is different, even on the same module. Not had the chance to fully experience the uni since my lectures are mostly online, but happy so far! The student union bar serves good reasonably priced food but the drinks are limited to cheap brands and are priced almost the same as many pubs and bars in the area so there’s no saving. Honestly, I can't believe I ended up in a place as amazing as this. The campus itself is huge and very pretty and there's lots of hidden places to explore. Apart from Saturdays, it's basically ran for, and by, the students. Study Inn Talbot Street- brand new accommodationCinema, entertainment area, cleaning service, spa & gymOn the doorstep of Nottingham Trent University. There are so many opportunities for students to further their studies as one of the worlds best research universities. All in all, wouldn’t change my experience for the world! Love my uni, couldn't ask to be anywhere better! They ensure that you have fun at freshers week but the support throughout the rest of the degree is appalling. Hoping to have more lectures on campus from January. Also, the hopper buses are un reliable and often too full. There’s lots of opportunities to seek help in your course or in your future career aspirations. Beautiful campus and great facilities. It’s such an amazing university with an incredible atmosphere and a is such a pleasure to study at. Another noteworthy Nottingham institution is the Queen’s Medical Centre. Everything needed is provided. Brand new sports facilities are also amazing. Perhaps having a small shortage of rooms and lecture halls, but all in all, quite idillic, and yet very active, with innumerable sports clubs and societies for all tastes. It was awarded its Royal Charter in 1948, becoming the University of Nottingham. The student union is rubbish, very small and hosts hardly anything, its essentially a small bar that serves food with a little outdoor bit and a snooker table. There is such a wide variety of societies to join and the campus is beautiful. I’m sooo in love with my uni: I could not possibly imagine better student experience. Such a stunning campus, still one of the most beautiful in the country in my opinion! Campus is great, restaurants are convenient and cheap, my course is an absolute doss so that’s all Gucci. There's a lot to do in spare time with a variety of food and drink establishments. However, can often be a little disorganised especially in regards to accomodation and starting your course initially, though still provides lots of support if you desire it. Each campus has great facilities, but it would be better if it was all on one campus. I love Nottingham uni. The University of Nottingham has by far the best campus in the UK and is the perfect place for a first year student to settle down as everything is easy to get to and the city’s centre is only a short bus ride away. Arun Verma. Not perfect by any means (I think it probably varies course-wise — mine are pretty naff with communicating certain things) but the community here is like no other. The University of Nottingham is a public research university based in the East Midlands in England, UK, founded in 1881. The campus is unbelievable: sustainable, amazing facilities, brilliantly green for mental health and walks/exercise, brilliant sports facilities. Back. The university has a gorgeous campus with lecturers and professors that are keen to help. It is a fantastic uni and I'm so glad I'm here. Full trained intoductors with much experience in different fields. Don’t study here, no one cares about you. My time at the University of Nottingham has been great so far. As soon as you walk onto Uni of Notts campus you’ll be struck by the vast amount of greenery and gardens that are around you. Glad to be a part of it. Being a campus university, the massive open spaces provides a constantly open space for you to explore, breathe and take a walk around. Furthermore, the IT set up in terms of the online portal 'Moodle' is slow and cumbersome compared to Trent's 'NOW'. There are lights everywhere and it is the kind of place where you don't feel uneasy about walking to the campus shop in the dark on your own. Brilliant facilities (starbucks and all) plus the library cat! Staff on the whole have been lovely. Campus is lovely and green, always tidy. Thbaks Lue and Karolin. ways of learning in lecture,libraries. So much better that loughborough by actually having a city but also green space. But at this scale is also easy to let it all pass you by. One of the most beautiful campuses and extraordinary support from the staff. Great gym, Loved every minute! All around good. Campus is beautiful and all the services (finance, health, career etc) are so helpful and easily accessible. Careers service hitherto have not used. #62. The University of Nottingham has two campuses; one Business campus and one main campus. The campus is so beautiful, very green, which is important to me and has Wallaton Deer Hall next door which is very grand and pretty! Given the choice, I'd never pick another city to go to uni in or live in, and studying at UoN has been the best experience of my life. First off the accommodation and halls are great for freshers. Loved it so much I came back for more. Overall an 11/10 university. An extensive list of societies to choose from, of which offer at least one related activity a week. The campus is in the middle of nowhere and it feels like an overrrated park. I cannot recommend the University of Nottingham highly enough. Such a good atmosphere, beautiful campus, great teaching staff and a wonderful city to spend three years in. The student union is a bit underwhelming and I’m not entirely sure what they’ve done! Although things could improve, such as the halls system and mental health among students, I would recommend the uni to anyone. Back. Ever. The graduate outcomes for the University of Nottingham show that six months after leaving university, 98% of graduates are in work or further study. The Campus is beautiful and very green in most parts (and that’s coming from someone who lives in the beautiful countryside of Devon). They lost one of my feedback coursework, they missed me off enrolment for my THESIS MODULE (I nearly missed the information about the proposal deadline and access to the form), and the change of module process is ridiculous, leading me to miss lectures. Overall, a nice university. The social atmosphere is great as you'll always find people that will like you or who you are as most people here are very friendly. Only trouble is a lot of stuff (especially societies) is on the main campus - an issue if you study on Jubilee Campus, as you then have to get the bus. Had a duel honours course which had lectures programmed back to back on different campuses. It has gave me many opportunities to advance in life as an independent person and it has prepared me for the change from student to a working citizen. Overall the facilities are very good, modern with newest technology. The University of Nottingham is consistently ranked among the world's top 100 universities (QS World University Rankings). Great contribution from student union with many societies. Student services have been bloody useless for me. First year, lots of help, lots of new technologies I've never used before. Average range for University of Nottingham entry requirements. Nice uni in general except for the horrendous catered halls. I'm not happy that the course has not taught us enough human anatomy/biology. There's so many great facilities on campus, have a look on the website, there's literally everything you could need and more! The campus is modern with a mix of new and old elements, being well maintained by the University. We can offer you excellent nightlife, a city bursting with culture, a lively students' union and reliable support throughout your studies. So safe too! University of Nottingham is a fantastic centre for further education. The food is diabolical and the rooms are tiny. Best campus and employability service. However the food in the canteen in jubilee is a bit lacking and the canteen in university park is not very student price friendly. Join StudentCrowd for Unlimited Access, to Write Reviews and Help Students. Sometimes, you have to do an overbearing amount of prep and other times none at all. Nottingham uni is a great mix of newer and older buildings, a beautiful campus with a lake and loads of opportunities for recreational activities. Definitely highly reccommended! I’ve never been in an institution as supportive as this, despite my sixth form claiming to be understanding. Lovely campus but bad course (film and television), Have loved my experience at uni, it has the perks of a beautiful large campus but everything is close enough together, and loads of stuff to do in the city. Love the campus, made great friends and the social side in 1st year couldnt have been any better. It is great as it's in the middle of the country so it is easily accessible. It’s an overpriced institution with very little to offer!!! Really easy to fit in and get going. The deadlines are too close together with placement as well. Nottingham is really fun, the Hall setup is so social in first year and second year housing is great too. University Park is great, but the other campuses don't have as much of a buzz. All data is based on UCAS standard definitions. Staffs are deceptive. Graduate Employability Ranking. It offers a lot of opportunities for self-development, such as summer research projects, review projects and peer assisted study support scheme. Also the bus routes to get into uni are great and come quite regularly. The university is a great place to meet people and the campuses are beautiful. City/Region. The University of Nottingham is a Russell Group and Universitas 21 university with a global reputation for teaching and research, ranked in the world’s top 100 and UK top 20 universities in the QS World University Rankings 2021.. Made amazing friends and also adore my course. Eduroam is terrible, everything else is incredible, I hate the University of Nottingham, I’ve been here for three years and all I want is to leave. Fabulous uni, great resources, lovely place to be, It’s a good university with many facilities and opportunities, Really good feel to the uni with lots of sports and societies - way more than most universities, Piece of s*** university, three years of wasted time. I’m currebtly doing a degree in Finance, Accouting and Management and it’s amazing! The uni park campus is traditional and beautiful, but some buildings look tired. The staff are always friendly and willing to help. Start Term. Also, if you are going to this uni make sure it is for an academic subject such as Law or Chemistry, they offer courses in subjects such as Film and Television studies that cost £15k/ year and turn out to be watching 1 film a week then attending a seminar to talk about it. Just no student union club, good facilities, my needs are catered for. There are always events going on on the campuses. It was the first British university to establish a campus in Malaysia, in 2000, and the first foreign university to … Worst university ever. The business campus is small and situated between town and the main campus. It’s so diverse, you will never be bored. Teachers are amazing and always willing to help even though they are busy. There's always something going on which keeps it exciting. We'll send you an email so that you can verify your free account. The University of Nottingham has award-winning campuses in the UK, China and Malaysia, and hosts a global academic community in all 3 countries. Athletics & rowing) but if you happy to ride a bike - no problem! This review is solely based on the Sutton Bonington campus. I absolutely love being a student at UoN, wouldn't change it for anything. Nottingham Civic Exchange is leading Good Work Nottingham with partners from across the country and the region. Amazing university, beautiful campus, good facilities, good halls, amazing memories. The main campus is huge and has a fair amount of hills and geese (the Business campus also has a lot of geese). Designing work that makes us healthy and happy Good Work Nottingham shared six perspectives on this broad topic as provocations for future thinking and action. I was torn between 2 unis and I'm so glad I picked Nottingham, best choice I could have made! The campus wifi has great coverage but can be a little slow at times. Would recommend to anyone, had an amazing time! Never wanted it to end. My department (Maths) provides outstanding support to students, in particular on their first year, to ensure smooth transaction from school to university. The best University, 100%. #99. The reality is much different. Really decent Uni with the perfect work/play balance, good facilities, wifi available everywhere but can drop unexpectadly at times, Always something on and with the best campus in the country you're sure to enjoy your time here. Nottingham is a beautiful campus and attracts great students. Great university. City is great addition to campus. Mooch/The Den bars aren't particularly appealing, but the food is good and the atmosphere is always good. You won't regret studying at UoN. Study Inn Talbot Street- brand new accommodation, Cinema, entertainment area, cleaning service, spa & gym, On the doorstep of Nottingham Trent University, All reviews are the views of StudentCrowd members, not of StudentCrowd Limited, Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) website, Mechanical, production & manufacturing engineering, Molecular biology, biophysics & biochemistry, Physical geography & environmental science, Best Student Accommodation Providers 2019. The opportunities are endless in terms of academics and extracurricular. Halls of residence are generally nice and transport to and from uni is good. halls food a bit rubbish. Ahhh! It's a big university with a lot going on. Weird Wifi though; won't allow certain programs to connect (e.g. The university has a gorgeous campus with lecturers and professors that are keen to help. A really friendly university with a great atmosphere. Resources seem to be abundant, but there is a lack of communication between professors and the student services, possibly because of their switching to a new data system. Moved to the UK from NZ, knowing no one, and with the great infrastructure of societies and residences I was able to settle in. Beautiful buildings for the students to be in good conditions while studying. I had the opportunity to get involved with rowing very competitively for my first 2 years, then had many other sports to choose from when I left. Everything about this university is amazing - study spaces are gorgeous, the course is amazing. Just needs more shops like spar on campus & a club on campus. Excellent university - Having an SU club would improve it, Everything about this uni and city is AMAZING! The University of Nottingham has by far the best campus in the UK and is the perfect place for a first year student to settle down as everything is easy … Classmates may come from many different countries.It is convenience to make new friends from the whole world.Very interesting! The TEF panel judged that the University delivers consistently outstanding teaching, learning and outcomes for its students. Beautiful campus, excellent facilities. Being an international it was difficult to understand the type of exam as in my country academic writing isn't a thing. The campus is beautiful - Absolutely love it here. Nottingham is a welcoming city, being from London it feels like home in terms of how the city is constructed. I love UoN for so many reasons, the campuses are very beautiful and there is so much to do on campus. First year halls on campus are catered and expensive. There's so many events ran by the university and by the students union. As a accounting and finance student the material covered is in depth and encompasses a broad spectrum. Fantastic uni with amazing facilities for my course, I have had nothing but a brilliant experience at the university of Nottingham. beautiful campus, beats everything, could do with an on campus club/good bar though. University of Nottingham; Nottingham Trent University That said, Mooch is great. I made friends for life and my experience prepared me for a great career. Great place. Since arriving here I've been totally at home, integrating well into student life. In nearly every department Trent trumped Uni of except perhaps facilities which is exceptional at Uni of due to the sheer amount of space the campus holds. Find a uni with staff that give a s***, because UoN really don’t seem to, Amazing nightlife best of both worlds with green campus but city near by. University of Nottingham. While also getting involved in hundreds of different societies, not to mention their fantastic record at sport. I haven't really had any problems with the Wi-Fi here as the campus has free WiFi all over so it's great to save data. University of Nottingham is one of the top Public universities in Nottingham, United Kingdom. So pleased I came here! Take a trip down memory lane in Hockley, just a couple of minutes' … Very beautiful campus and a great university. FEES. The facility are very considerable. Sort of wish there was a club of sorts on campus, I've visited my friends uni's and they have one. Great university, highly recommend. Great University! If you’re looking for a uni with the full package: education, sport/hobbies and social then this is the one of you. Fabulous university, couldn't get a better experience anywhere else. Need to give students off campus more support. The clubs and societies are endless and mostly very well run. Also often tight for space in there. There are a wide variety of food options including vegan and halal. Very good university. #wewantsausagerolls. Beautiful campus, lots of green space and excellent facilities, all in an amazing city. Department. Whether it’s related to welfare , disability, grades or just in need of advice, the concern is disgenuine and rarely gets anywhere. Can’t fault it at all. With far too many societies to join even half of the ones that seem interesting and a great SU to back them, I would definitely recommend Nottingham to anyone looking for a University. The campus is too large and inefficient, but the facilities and services provided are plentiful, and it's a nice place to be. It is mainly used for Business School and Language students (particularly Chinese language students). I guess after they let the clubs out any city is unsafe. Academic Studies in Education (11) … The city itself is very convient cheap travel and nights out are known here for being one of the best.

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