should i convert to islam for my boyfriend

I had a significant other that I had been in a relationship for 2.5 years when I accepted Islam. Is this person's actual, spiritual faith going to be altered in some way just because he or she goes through some instruction and ritual? so. Aside from the two main branches of Sunni and Shia Muslims most commonly known, within each branch many variations exist. Would he have married her had she not agreed to convert-probably not. Do you plan to participate in the rituals? She had no religion and no real ties to any holidays. you can be any color or come from any country and be jewish. I'm dating a Jew-ish guy myself. It is like a good form of Karate I think, or learning a musical instrument. Here's the bottom line. My wife is Catholic and I didn't switch. Whoopsie. :), I cannot think of a stupider idea. To Sara and Kathryn:Hahahaha! Cultures great and small are disappearing fast all over the world, or else adapting and evolving, like so many species in a changed habitat. I tried to point out some mistakes in the Quran and he got angry at me. I am part of a family full of Jewish converts from totally orthodox to very reform. I could get a piece of paper declaring myself Chinese but that does not make it so.Jewishness if a grab bag of different issues: religious belief, religious rituals, a couple languages, history, certain civil entitlements (e.g. Remove one and you end up in circles without accomplishing much. Good luck, Paul. most Jews these days marry non Jews and still go to shul and are Jewish. Now that we live in the bay area (Walnut Creek to be exact), there is a much smaller jewish population or jews are "in the closet" here, many of the jewish cultural norms that exist in LA, are not apparent here, and in order to "connect" with fellow jews, it is neccessary to get involved in a temple. You should not convert yourself just for your boyfriend. Assallamu Alaikum sister, before I answer I would like to apologize in advance if my answer may seem harsh. As an atheist I'd convert to save my life, or anyone elses for that matter, but I wouldn't just because someone wanted me to. Me and my boyfriend broke up. So far, I have gone to synagogue for Yom Kippur and I make a point to know the important holidays. We all wish the worldwide Ummah (Muslim community) were united. This is another reason it is important to visit different communities before choosing the one right for you. Talk to your fiance, see how important it is to him, because conversion is a long process. So far we've outlasted both our parent's marriages, as well as all of our sibling's marriages, and are still very much in love. I belong to the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, which is unique for two reasons. Islam is the future. This conversation is monumentally stupid.And if someone calls you Getty Lee it might not be a compliment. It has a lot of beautiful elements that can enrich a family and their traditions. That is definitely something I will look into because I have been under the impression that it is a must for the children to really be considered Jewish. I have received a promise ring and once all the stuff with the family gets smoothed out, we plan to get engaged. 1 0. So there is definitely a very firm intent to get married. My view is that if you love this man and religion is not an important part (or any part) of your life, what is the harm in becoming jewish if it is important to him? We're raising our son Jewish, but my husband isn't interested in converting. My mom didn't convert, I didn't either. I am liking what Tom is suggesting. I also read that you are only 20 and have been together for 1 year....do you guys live together now? I do consider myself agnostic and open to all religions. At the same time, one should recognize that people can be a means of doing just that. I believe there is something and I still have to find a religion that suits me. But as far as having the faith, I don't know. My boyfriend and I have just become much more serious recently. To my surprise, I soon saw I would never have to present him anything. You either believe something or you don't. If you are Chinese-American you have your own history and background that is at least as rich. I’ve had some of my best nights out with him and his friends (some of them also don’t drink) because they’re just quite naturally party people. The duty towards humanity includes giving charity regularly, paying the Zakaat when applicable, and living a life dedicated to the service of all humanity -- Muslim or non-Muslim, believer or non-believer. Otherwise, I don't really see why is this an issue. A devout muslim. The 3rd date would be the right time to bring up these potential deal breaking questions, if it matters. I believe in God but I don’t believe in different religious groups however I am willing to look in to Islam just for my boyfriend but I don’t find the motivation in my boyfriend’s character or behaviours towards me or other human beings. To know Prophet Muhammad is to know Islam. I'm Kohein). Then look again: Seest thou any flaw?" There are no issues about that.As for me, I don't have an answer as to whether or not I will do it. I had a really serious boyfriend for whom I considered converting to Judaism. Time went on. Did I unconsciously appropriate? One day, as he joined my school friends during a “study party” while he was visiting me at school, I looked over at his iPad to see what he was doing in order to keep himself occupied. I don't know if I would be willing to give up cheeseburgers, though. That's a blessing, not a problem or a shame. :P Just Hanukkah. (Incidentally the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community is the fastest growing sect of Islam). She loves her life and loves being connected to Judaism. I know women who did this, but each situation has its own unique dynamics, so you can't compare to them. She teaches Hebrew School, is going for her masters in Jewish studies and keeps a kosher home and follows all of the "rules". I have been reading and looking into things, but I haven't had my moment of complete certainty yet. Have I prepared for the possible family and social backlash? Raised in a Catholic environment, Adam's family was conservative and had little experience with Islam outside of news pundits and the media. Get your conversion on girl. If your future in-laws and their family care so much about it, do not marry this man unless you are HAPPY to convert, will truly believe in it and do all the bull that goes along with that, and will send your kids to Hebrew school, etc. I think a part of it is also because his parents are much more conservative and do have the faith and he would like to have a traditional Jewish wedding for them where the non-Jewish wife goes through the conversation process. You should embrace Islam together with your boyfriend. IF you are really doing Shabbat every Friday night, there is a little more going on than just the "cultural aspect". She made the decision to convert. Prayer is the most powerful weapon a Muslim has, so pray fervently however you please. Im not particularly religious at all so does it matter? Is not being Jewish some kind of dealbreaker for him? don't start your life together on a lie. Today is National Voter Registration Day! Anonymous. My boyfriend is more culturally Jewish so it wouldn't be problematic if I didn't believe in all the tenets of Judaism. Hello, I’m a catholic girl wanting to convert to Islam. Is that a law or something? Why can't you just raise your kids Jewish anyway? I've never conferted for a partner, but I did go through the motions to please my parents. Seems disingenuous to me. Would you be prepared to get married? The Qur'an is not a terribly long book and if you don't have a copy, here's a free e-copy in English. But that's the choice I've made after my research. 1 minute ago Donna K. says: To Hubert: Really? The Declaration of Faith (Shahada) To convert to Islam and become a Muslim, all you need to do is say the below testimony with conviction and understanding its meaning: "Ash Shadoo an La ilaha illa Allah, Wa Ash Shadoo ana Muhammadan rasoolu Allah." But I still wanted to become a Muslim. Part of HuffPost Religion. What's important to us is our dedication to each other as a family. Be ready for whatever comes -- good and bad. I'm a muslim girl from south make east asia. Yes, Islam is about the Unity of God and the unity of humanity. The best 'weapon' to combat ignorance and intolerance of Islam is education -- so educate yourself as much as possible by studying the Qur'an, hadith, and classical Islamic scholars. Nicely said Jenn. I know that deep down I know what I believe in and if my future wife would like to instill her catholic belief's into our kids I am ok with that. Do you want to convert? So I was even more thrilled that Adam was undertaking this crucial scrutiny, and that his investigations were bearing fruit. I never really understood this. I'm in a serious relationship with a jew-ish guy. I do all the other big holidays though. One other option you have is introducing the kids to Jewish values, but not assigning them to any specific religion. I always thought that Jewishness is passed along from the mother's line, so if you are someone's mother and not jewish, your child is not jewish.Why not keep you promise ring, take the Jewish classes with an open heart and mind, go through the motions sincerely, and maybe you will find it compelling...if you do, then that is a good thing, and if you don't, you will be much better informed as to why you choose to accept an engagement or not. Where do I begin?". And how do they feel about it? To Marie K.:Well, like I said we aren't in any rush. The Reconstructionist movement, allowing girls to be bat mitzvah'd, allowing women to be rabbis and ordaining women as rabbis are just a few of the changes that have occurred in Judaism in the last hundred years. Bleep is absolutely correct. Make sure it is the right decision for you first as you are making a promise the relationship apparently needs to work out. I have been hunting for an analogy but I don't think there's another group well known in America that has a comparable set of membership benefits. It's odd that I am considered Jewish, but my cousin whose father is Jewish, is not. And I am totally a shikzah Sara haha. Stay aware of your surroundings people. One of the meanings of Islam is sincerity. Tell them about Islamic duties and rules. {Fred Jausenge} It is good to follow your parents’ advice but not when it is based on false information. Have I prepared for the possible family and social backlash? What it’s like to convert to Islam for the man you love. ability to hold a dual American-Israeli passport), several distinct Jewish ethnicities, and clusters of shared cultural norms having to do with everything from politics and education to humor, music, work ethic, skepticism, scholarship, law, family, etc. If you do not wish to convert, the children that you bear with your Jewish husband could convert so they can be Jewish. It was on this premise that Muslims made unprecedented advances in science, biology, chemistry, astronomy, and physics during Islam's Golden Age. My advice to you is that if you are open to it, learn a little more about Judaism and see if its something that you can live with. whoops, that should have said "ordaining gay Jews as rabbis are just a few of the changes that have occurred in Judaism in the last hundred years."i'm. Second, we are the world's single largest Muslim community united under one Imam, His Holiness the Khalifa of Islam Mirza Masroor Ahmad. Shabbat shalom Amanda.....Have a good one. Its more of a work out for my legs =0). Some see their family research Islam for themselves to learn more, and others see family members become Google scholars to find all sorts of anti-Islam propaganda written by extremists and Islamophobes. They had two weddings, one in each faith, to make their families happy.It was a PAIN IN THE BUTT for the kids our whole lives, being treated like second-class citizens by our dad's relatives because we weren't Jews. Answer:Why should one convert to Islam? First, all these faiths have much more in common than different. Follow. Guys, I am an atheist and my boyfriend is muslim. Why would you want your children to become fully immersed in a religion that you yourself don't believe in? Is he orthodox? so, i asked roomie how it was possible that if she had a great, great, great grandmother who was irish catholic...and jesus was the one that got the whole christian faith started...then how was it that her great, great, great grandmother's ovum was NOT jewish???? You can't achieve the racial characteristics. We had an agreement that we would never let each others family influence our decisions when it comes to raising our kids and have stuck to it all these years. Who said you had to be Jewish for the kids to be Jewish? He wants me to convert in to Islam. God's Word and God's Works should not ever conflict. ----------------------In order to be considered "Jewish", the mother has to be Jewish. "However, in order for our kids to be Jewish I must be Jewish."Wrong. I guess in this sort of case (kids) its that you agree to raise them following certain traditions. Take the time to read and study the Qur'an. 4 minutes ago Tom "Some people call me the Space Cowboy" R. says:Tsada K. says:The only man I would convert for is Bill Maher.Wait...what?=======================Isn't he an atheist?--------------------Sort of...he's agnostic--hence the "wait...what? Tell him that you are willing to allow the children to be raised with jewish cultural values but you aren't going to convert. So this is what I've been putting Adam through. If you're a woman -- find out if the mosque you're interested in even has a place for women to pray (some unfortunately don't). It is not required to have Muslim witnesses to your conversion, but many prefer to have such support. Not so sad because your boyfriend won't accepto Islam. It is important for you to conduct your own research. We are Jewish because we choose to be Jewish. Wow, I can't type today. For me, I had to sign a contract with the Catholic Church stating that we will raise our kids catholic (which I don't have a problem with how ever I do not agree with all the catholic teachings). If the atheists and agnostics don't put their foot down against the hypocrisy of religion, we are just perpetuating the bullshit of all the rules and regulations of organized religion. I don't get why anyone would want someone else to "convert" in this way, just to get married. If you are never going to marry him, leave him. ©2020 Verizon Media. I went through Catholic school, and they made me go to confirmation classes when I was 16 even though they are aren't very religious and knew that I was agnostic. God hears prayer and admonishes us to pray to Him for guidance. roomie felt she had to convert because "some" families wouldn't allow her to marry "in" as she called it. If Obama can be President, how could anyone lament that times have change?There is perhaps some benefit to studying Judaism, and learning the practices. So there's really no urgency. You're already on a journey to learn more about God. Before You Convert . In the end religion was not an issue and to this day my parents are happily married.An official conversion would mean you would have to study with a Rabbi and eventually go to the Beit Din in Los Angeles. I am marrying a non-Jew in 16 days and married a non-Jew the first time. Islam teaches that ultimately our salvation rests in God's hands. I had a similar talk with my boyfriend and his religion, he's muslim.. but more culturally than anything. I am very open to the possibilities and will explore this one thoroughly.Thanks everyone! Every Muslim has two fundamental and equally important obligations -- faith and works -- both repeatedly mentioned in the Qur'an. Personal choice. No, I disagree. Lol. Some really are easier to work with than others. Tsada K. says:Personally, I think that it is hypocritical, not so much of the person converting, but of the family who asks that person to do so in the form of an ultimatum. Relationship with God? "Q, I gotta ask you a question, and if the answer is the nonsensical one I got from this Imam at this mosque I just left, I don't know if Islam is the right faith for me.". If you like it, cool. BTW, a true kosher Jewish conversion is difficult and involves quite a bit of study. Fortunately, there are several bay area congregations that are open to mixed religion couples so I dont believe conversion is neccessary unless you plan to raise your kids jewish. Converting to Islam for my boyfriend. He shouldn't expect her to convert just *for him*. I asked him today if he loved his religion more than me, and he said he did. No incongruity canst thou see in the creation of the Gracious God. When you get divorced you turn in your library card? You have conveyed that marriage is a long ways away and that should give you plenty of time to figure out what you want.

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