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Keep seedlings in a shady spot for the first season. Other common names white bird of paradise . They are produced mostly in autumn and winter, March to July. Ideal in a container. 12-feb-2013 - Deze pin is ontdekt door Robert van Oers. Strelitzia nicolai is an eyecatching evergreen, effective throughout the year and is useful for creating a lush, tropical effect. De Strelitzia Nicolai moet namelijk een behoorlijk formaat hebben, voordat de plant gaat bloeien (vanaf 2,3 meter). Full sun to shaded areas. Cover with a thin layer of compost and keep moist. Be careful where you plant them. S. reginae is very well known, and arguably the most common species (picture above). Leaf stalks are dried and used to make a rope for building fish kraals and huts. List of species of southern African plants. Surprisingly it will even survive it a large pot for several years, and this may be the best way to grow it if you have a patio or small garden. Great in a pot but not in the ground, in a small space, by a wall, next to a pool. Planting Instructions. Strelitzia belongs to the banana family (Musaceae) and are closely linked. Strelitzia nicolai will survive in a large container for several years. Strelitzia nicolai Giant Bird of Paradise. The root system is aggressive,however, so don't plant it too close to structures and paths. 27 oktober 2020 om 09:02 # Herbie Expert Official Product Expert. Moeketsi LetselaWitwatersrand National Botanical Gardenwith additions by Yvonne ReynoldsJune 2002, SA Distribution: Eastern Cape, KwaZulu-Natal, Aspect: Full Sun, Morning Sun (Semi Shade), Afternoon Sun (Semi Shade). If the pot is big enough It can grow to 2 m / 6.6 ft tall, with large, tough banana like leaves 25–70cm / 9.8–28in long. Unlike Strelitzia alba, the inflorescence of Strelitzia nicolai is compound. Grant, R and Thomas, V. 1998. I really prefer my specimens kept at a lower level, so avoiding the untidy (to me) raggedy dead leaves, while keeping the tropical look. The tree flowers throughout the year with a peak in spring-summer. De Strelitzia Nicolai wordt vanwege zijn witte bloem ook wel de witte paradijsvogelplant genoemd. Cape Town. Boething Treeland Farms grows over 1,200 varieties of trees, shrubs, perennials and specialty plants on ten California nurseries to serve the wholesale landscape and nursery industries throughout the Western United States and beyond. Strelitzia reginae is also known as the bird of paradise (resembling the colours and shape of an exotic bird), the crane flower or the orange strelitzia. Cape Town. Nicolai. The Giant Bird of Paradise is a stunning and hardy perennial with a strong architectural shape. The inflorescence is composed of a dark blue bract, white sepals and a bluish-purple "tongue". De Strelitzia 160 cm is een topper binnen de verschillende Strelitzia’s. Family Strelitziaceae . Very Large Strelitzia nicolai – 'Giant White Bird of Paradise' plant. Space plants far enough from building foundations, walls, and decks so that the growing foliage won't crowd the structure. Strelitzia nicolai is commonly grown both indoors and outdoors as well, in the case of warmer climates. It is made up of not 1 but up to 5 Spathes (a spathe is a bract – a modified specialised leaf that appears different from the calyx or corolla). Strelitzia Nicolai – cute as a baby but wow when they grow up ! Happy indoors in a brightly lit room. An evergreen perennial, it is widely cultivated for its dramatic flowers.In temperate areas it is a popular houseplant. ), commonly called bird of paradise, features exotic flowers that resemble a bird's beak and plume of feathers. De andere soorten worden meestal 2-6 m hoog. The plant tolerates light frost. [2][3], Strelitzia nicolai is among the few plants which have been verified to contain the pigment bilirubin, which is usually found in animals. Herkomst: Zuid-Afrika Bladvorm: Grijsgroen banaanachtig blad, 1,5 tot 2,5 meter lang, lancetvormig, afwisselend geplaatst in waaiervorm Stam: Kaal Standplaats: Zon Groeisnelheid: Snel Hoogte volwassen: tot 10 meter Vorstbestendigheid:-3°C Kweken: Verse zaden kiemen zeer goed. It withstands salty coastal winds, making it a good feature plant or screen for coastal gardens. Common names: Natal wild banana, (E); Natalse wildepiesang (A); isigude, igceba, inkamanga (Z); ikhamanga, isigude, isigceba (X). Strelitzia nicolai Giant Bird of Paradise. The flowers have white sepals with blue petals, resembling the head of a bird with a white crest and purple beak. S. nicolai is restricted to evergreen coastal forest and thicket of eastern South Africa from the Great Fish River northwards to Richards Bay. 1), 1–270(pt. Strelitzia nicolai would survive even if you cut the whole thing to the ground. Synonyms Strelitzia alba subsp. 1987. De bladeren zijn 30-200 cm lang en 10-80 cm breed, en lijken op een bananenblad, maar met een langere bladsteel. Onder hen strelitzia, waarvan een beschrijving en soorten ter beschikking kwamen van botanici aan het begin van de 19e eeuw. The easiest way to propagate this tree is from root suckers, but it will also grow from seed. The old method of digging a deep hole and filling it with soil and compost has resulted in many trees failing to thrive, dying, rotting at the base or worse still, falling over in later years due to poor root development. Category: Plants. Origins and Meanings of Names of South Africa. It is a trunk forming, clustering tree to 6m high with banana-like shiny green leathery leaves, having an obtuse base arranged in two ranks. Long stalked blue-green leaves in fan-like formation. 2003, "Animal Pigment Bilirubin Discovered in Plants", "World Checklist of Selected Plant Families: Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Strelitzia_nicolai&oldid=983097919, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 12 October 2020, at 06:45.

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