akg k701 vs beyerdynamic dt 990 pro

Dans certains tests, il est dit que les médiums sont en retrait et que certaines aiguës peuvent être agressives. On top of that, it's fairly safe to say that AKG K702 are more popular wired headphones, based on their 2,000+ reviews. Back in the early 00-ies the Sennheiser HD650, Beyerdynamic DT880 and AKG K701 were the trio of decent headphones one would be looking to get. You can always return in 30 days if they're not working, worth a try... Kinda late to this thread but having just moved from Sennheiser 990 Pro's to AKG 701 Quincy Jones about a month ago, I feel like I can give a good perspective. I use headphones mainly for checking bass towards the end of a mix as i'm using Adams A7 with no sub. logiquement l’ampli se branche à la source. $199. I thought 701's sounded great, but I eventually settled on the shure 840's. K701: Chinese vs. Austrian Model; DT880: Pro vs. ceci explique peut-être cela. Après une longue soirée passée avec les deux casques, voici mes impressions, qui ne diffèrent pas beaucoup de mon premier message. 24 points. Juste un mot concernant les différences entre de DT770 pro et le DT990. Based on our rating, K701 has a total rating of 7 out of 10 vs 8 out of 10 for DT 1770 Pro. Very much a 3-D sort of soundstage, that makes critical listening super easy. En fait, on se sent étrangement bien une fois le casque en place. The Beyerdynamic DT 990 PRO are slightly better headphones than the AKG Q701. If that make sense? I can mix on k240s. I … j’ai du mal à croire que ça n’apporte rien, par contre relier un ampli casque à une sortie d’ampli… Aren't those Adam monitors showing enough bass for you? I narrowed my prospects to the AKG K701s, AKG K702s and AKG K712s; the Beyerdynamic DT-880 Pro Headphones (250 ohm), and the Focal Spirit Professional headphones. Je précise que j’ai déjà un dac (Musical Fidelity v dac 2) entre mon PC et mon ampli. The DT 990 Pro for €118 and the 599's for €140. par contre gaffe aux donneurs de leçon. Parlons des sources aussi, branché directement sur une télé ou même la sortie casque de mon ampli Arcam, mes 2 casques sont très loin de donner tout leur potentiel. Pour l’ampli, je me suis renseigné auprès d’un possesseur du DT990 qui le branche directement à l’ampli et qui a testé avec un ampli spécifique et il m’a expliqué que ça n’apportait pas grand chose. je pense pas qu’il y en ait beaucoup sur le fofo, mais je crois qu’il y en a pas mal sur HCFR. I'll use headphones to check soundstage, small details and bass impact of the mix. Comparison of AKG K712 PRO and Beyerdynamic DT 990 PRO based on specifications, reviews and ratings. Cost-effectiveness winner. Stuck between the Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro 250 Ohm and AKG K240 MKII... A few things about me: I play bass and I have a few videos on YouTube with bass heavy mixes since theyre cover videos after all I listen to almost all genres but mostly progressive metal and funk jazz I … Je porte aussi des lunettes et le port du Beyer ne me pose aucun souci particulier. Despite the respectable age of the design, the DT 990 Pro is often found in many studios and often users recommend them as a mid price point open back studio headphone. They need a few hundred hours of burn in to lose their harsh highs but in the long run, if I had to mix using CANS, these would be the ones I would use. I use Beyerdynamic 990 Pro for several years and very happy with their sound. J’ai été surpris par une chose. Pour une utilisation film, je dirais sans conteste qu’un casque à fort dynamisme est plus agréable même si j’avoue que la gamme est un peu haute pour cette utilisation : un simple Sennheiser HD558 fait déjà parfaitement le boulot, je ne suis pas persuadé qu’investir dans un casque plus performant permette un réel gain. Bonjour, j’ai un ampli NAD c316 BEE. Pour une écoute de type loisirs, comme je le disais, c’est vraiment jouissif. Est-ce que la sortie casque de cet ampli est suffisante pour le DT 990 pro en 250 ohm svp ou faut-il que j’investisse dans un ampli casque? Massdrop are running the AKG K7XX (AKG 702 AE) drop again. Je reviendrai sur le son quand j’aurais pu approfondir l’écoute de chacun d’entre eux. I own the DT 880 pro and love them. beyerdynamic DT 990 pro VS. AKG K702 Advice. Their bass actually extends way down. Enfin, comme toi, je suis mal à l’aise avec un casque trop serré (le Sennheiser HD25 par exemple). Détaillé, neutre, une bande passante reproduite sans surprise, confortable. However, the Beyerdynamic are tight on the head, which also means they are more stable, but some may feel discomfort and fatigue after a while. I think I got used to the bass level of 272, so I don't want anything super bass-heavy, but want something that is one step higher, so to say. Des avis? Beyerdynamic DT880 pro -£185 AKG K701 - £165 Any help or recommendations would be appreciated. I would NEVER mix solely with headphones, but I think these might be the first guys in a pinch I would be okay with mixing on. This was not my intention at all. Le K701 est vraiment excellent. Model #: ADIB00L77JNHQ; Return Policy: View Return Policy $ La dynamique est au rendez-vous, la fidélité, même si elle est en léger retrait par rapport au K701 (mais à peine!) Is Beyerdynamic DT990 Pro 250 Ohm good with Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi HD? You can pick out certain frequencies and listen for details, without it being muddied by other frequencies. I qualify my input as such but I have found that the AKG 701s (either one) are like putting speakers close to my ears (I do think the open backs add a lot to this sound) and as such, sound more like mixing on speakers than do the closed back cans. Oui à ce que j’ai compris le K701 est assez neutre, il conviendrait plus à une utilisation HiFi/HC à la rigueur. I'm looking into a new pair of headphones and out of all of the other great headphones I've looked at, I've narrowed it down to these 2 headphones. While M50s are a fine hp for tracking I can not mix on them at all, but I think they're a great complement to the 240s as a cross reference. I found out people use beyerdynamic or AKG They both seem really good but I'm not sure if beyerdynamic is actually worth getting but … For this article, I will do a quick and dirty comparison, and then link to some separate reviews towards the end! Mais, en passant sur du classique ou du jazz par exemple, le AKG reprend le dessus. Headphones: Sennheiser HD800, AKG K701, Beyerdynamic DT-990 Pro 600Ω vintage, HifiMan HE6 Interconnects: CD/preamp Acrolink Mexcel 7N-DA6300, preamp/power amp Acrolink 8N-A2080III Evo Speaker cable: Tara Labs Omega Onyx Power cables (all equipment): Acrolink Mexcel 7N-PC9300 Power strip: Acoustic Revive RTP-4eu Ultimate You need an account to post a reply. Je n’ai rien remarqué de la sorte, même si l’effet de léger loudness met un tout petit peu en retrait les médiums En ce qui concerne le DT 990, c’est une toute autre affaire. Sweet water had them listed for $70 new, can't go wrong with that. Si ce comparatif vous intéresse, je me ferais un plaisir de l’étoffer rapidement. I know that I will need a DAC/AMP for both of these, especially the DT 990, less so for the K702. Toggle navigation. For an affordable headphones, AKG K701 and Beyerdynamic DT 1770 Pro are two comparable choices. Before we get into the AKG K701 vs. DT880, grab a snack, sit back and relax because.. You’ve come to the right place!! K702 is detachable cable version of AKG's fair decade old K701, aimed at highly analytical sound with big soundstage and neutral bass. I have compared an Austrian Q701 and Chinese Q701 side by side, and to me and other audio engineer friend, there was no quality difference in building or in sound. The bass response is definitely better, and again pretty amazing in the sound field-- you can hear the low end super clearly, without the design resorting to adding bass to ease audibility. I just have a hard time seeing the 880s as lite on the bass. PERFECT FIT - Case dimensions 9.3 x 7.68 x 4.72 inches (23.5 X 20 X 12cm) Fit Beyerdynamic DT 1770 Pro, DT 1990 Pro, DT 990 Pro, DT 880 Pro, DT 797, DT 790, DT 770 Pro, DT 770 M, DT 700, AKG K99, K92, K77, K72, K52, K44, N90Q case and More (See full list of headphones in product description) So, headphones are one of those pieces of gear that has a lot of subjectivity. Pourrais-tu me dire avec lequel tu as eu le plus de confort? BD 770, 880, 990, DT1990. Est-ce qu’un casque a les oreillettes plus profondes que l’autre (coussins un peu plus épais)? $199 as usual. Sennheiser HD598 SR or Beyerdynamic DT-990 + Fiio A5 AMP? The Beyerdynamic sound quality is excellent, and their bass is surprising for open-backs. Frank Iacone sent me an absolute gem, the new Beyerdynamic DT 1770 Pro ($699). Beyerdynamic DT880 AKG K7XX AKG K812 AKG Q701 AKG K612 PRO Audio-Technica ATH-R70x AKG K601. Outre le fait que le DT770 pro soit fermé, je trouve le spectre des fréquences trop déséquilibré à mon gout. Je pense définitivement éliminé le K701 qui est un très bon casque mais pour du HC je pense que le DT-990 ou encore le Fidelio X1 conviendrait mieux. And require amping. Si vous avez des questions concernant ces casques, je suis à votre disposition pour y répondre. Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro is one of the “old guard” open back studio headphones from the 90-ies which was at the time pitted against AKG K701 and Sennheiser HD 600. When you buy products through links across our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Finder; Power Calculator; All Brands; Home; Compare ; DT 990 PRO ; SR80e ; K 702 ; K 701 ; Beyerdynamic DT 990 PRO vs. Grado SR80e vs. AKG K 702 vs. AKG K 701 AKG K701 vs Beyerdynamic DT990. Anyone considering the Q701 or K701/702, I still urge you to get the Massdrop editions, the K7XX.

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