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$999.99 Spend over $50, Get $20 2-Day Shipping! 1984 Squier Bullet Bass. Fender Mustang PJ Bass is $115.50 more expensive than an average electric bass ($434.49). New Fender Signature Bass - Justin Meldal-Johnsen RW Mustang Bass. 1 Quote; Share this post. save hide report. New from Fender the justin meldal-johnsen Mustang bass. MwSt. Our special right-angle wrenches provide clearance under the guitar's braces for adjusting the truss rod through the soundhole. Color Faded Daphne Blue Fingerboard Material Rosewood Quantity. Pm here if interested. $189.99. View Cart Fortfahren mit Einkaufen … Designed for comfort and speed, this bass also has stage-ready style. He is also a serious pedal-head! Link to post Share on other sites. Please get in touch with us if you have any questions at all --we'll be happy to give an in-hand description. Justin has carved out quite a career in the industry. I would like to try one before praising them, though. Reply to this topic; Start new topic; Prev; 1; 2; 3; Next; Page 1 of 3 . How do I set up my Fender guitar properly? Followers 10. I've stumbled upon a demo of it, and despite the original pickups, it didn't really click with me sound-wise. And the Mustang Bass PJ did just that for me. Recognizing the emergent short-scale trend - and with a legendary short-scale in the company’s legacy arsenal - Fender smartly decided to update and reintroduce the Mustang for a new generation of players. hatte mal nen cij mustang, der mir damals vom handling her etwas zu fummelig war aber heutzutage spiele ich hauptsächlich mit pick und sollte mit dem gefühlt etwas engeren strinspacing besser zurechtkommen. New Fender Signature Bass - Justin Meldal-Johnsen RW Mustang Bass Sign in to follow this . The biggest differences for me are the finish - I prefer the thin nitro on the neck of the JMJ compared to the gloss of the CIJ and the neck profile. Here's a link with info to their respective threads: Fender JMJ Mustang bass. The 30" scale gives it a tight, focused tone while the modern 9.5”-radius fingerboard with rolled edges offers a familiar feel that will make any bassist feel right at home. It’s the same with the JMJ Mustang I played on Tuesday, same belt sander in a place that neither the sales assistant or I had ever experienced with genuine playing wear. Used Bass Guitars At The Music Zoo. Das Road Worn Styling entspricht dem abgerockten Zustand des Originals, die Old School Hardware mit Daumenstütze und ovalen Lollipop-Stimmwirbeln passt zum nostalgischen Fender Flair der 60er Jahre. Log … What should I do when taking my equipment to be serviced? American Performer Mustang Bass®, Rosewood Fingerboard, Aubergine. Both are excellent basses & the JMJ is my main rehearsal/gigging bass. Add to Cart. Followers 15. MORE ON THE WAY. Bass Guitars ; NBD: JMJ Roadworn Mustang Sign in to follow this . Order now and we expect to ship within the next 30 days. Limited Edition Mustang PJ Electric Bass with Pau Ferro Fingerboard Capri Orange. Add to Wishlist | Add to Compare; Schecter Stiletto Extreme 4 Black Cherry . $999.99. I was reading the JMJ mustang thread over on Talkbass last week. Was GASing pretty hard for one but sense got the better of me as it would be a totally unnecessary purchase - would love to play one though! Modeled after his 60's mustang this beauty comes from Fender of Mexico. 100% Upvoted. The guitars pictured here are in stock and individually photographed. $499.00. Link to post Share on other sites. Add to Cart Find Online Added to your cart. Born in Corona, California, the short-scale American Performer Mustang Bass delivers the exceptional tone and feel you expect from an authentic Fender—along with new enhancements and a special split-coil pickup, replicated from the original ‘70s drawings, that make it even more inspiring to play. I'm honestly wondering if the previous owner of my Jazz bass might've swapped the out the pickups. EUR 1.189,00 inkl. This is the bass that will cut through the mix with its resonant, clear, and thunderous lows, to the prominent mids and highs. We teamed up with him to create a signature 4-string modeled after his vintage Daphne Blue instrument the Justin Meldal-Johnsen Road Worn Mustang Bass.Powered by a custom-spec split-coil pickup, the JMJ Road Worn Mustang bass is perfect for laying down punchy basslines with plenty of Fender mojo. Specs … About This Item. Watch as Pete Griffin demos the '60s Mustang Bass from the Vintera Series. Someone over on Talkbass has suggested the JMJ Mustang may be coming out in black at some point? How do I set up my Stratocaster® guitar properly? Justin’s schedule for touring and recording is seriously jam packed. Followers 15. Recommended Posts. 4-String Bass Guitar. I don’t mind a roadworn bass, but please leave the belt sander alone. share. How do I set up my Telecaster® guitar properly? 4-String Bass Guitar. Powered by a custom-spec split-coil pickup, the JMJ Road Worn Mustang bass is perfect for playing punchy, melodic bass lines. WTS - Fender JMJ Mustang Bass, 1984 Squier Bullet Bass. Fender JMJ Mustang Bass Service Notification; Lacquer Finish Care and Maintenance; Where can I take my instrument and/or amplifier to be repaired? Bass Guitars ; NBD: JMJ Roadworn Mustang Sign in to follow this . Order now and we expect to ship within the next 30 days. Model #: 0144060390. Availability: This item is currently not available. krispn 1,007 krispn 1,007 Members; 1,007 2,861 posts; Posted July 25, 2019. The Music Zoo maintains a great selection of used guitars, basses, and amplifiers. Easy to play, eye-catching to look at, and the sound and tones it produces are really out of this world. A dedicated bass player since the age of 14, "JMJ," as he is affectionately called by fans and music insiders alike, switched to the Fender Mustang Bass exclusively over a decade ago and has never looked back. Justin Meldal-Johnsen is a serious bass heavy weight. In Fender tradition it's … They made them in the 70s but there has not been a reissue. 6 years ago. Set an eBay alert, and ask over on the talkbass classifieds, but it could take years of hunting. Notify Me When … NBD: JMJ Roadworn Mustang. Comparing the JMJ sound to my Jazz bass in tone*, the JMJ is actually noticeably brighter, airier, and more open sounding. The JMJ seems a bit more scooped with a pleasing hi-fi high end compared to my Jazz, which has a lot of low end and mids, and is much hotter output. JMJ Road Worn® Mustang® Bass new. Fender American Series Precision Bass 2001 - 2007 | Reverb November 2020 Reverb is a marketplace bringing together a wide-spanning community to buy, sell, and discuss all things music gear. They are out there, but pretty rare. I owned a very beaten up ‘63 P Bass and it didn’t have that wear mark on the upper bout. He has not only handled bass duties for Beck, Air and Nine Inch Nails, he has also performed on a multitude of albums as well as many film and television scores. I’m intrigued... Quote; Share this post. This Mustang Bass features Fender's classic short scale length (30") for pronounced playing comfort for students and beginners, smaller players and anyone who enjoys the easily reachable range of a short-scale bass. In the world of bass players he is the kind of name that many many players aspire to be. JMJ AND HIS MUSTANG BASS. Shop Online ︎ http://bit.ly/mustang_bass Qual'è il vostro preferito? JMJ Road Worn® Mustang® Bass. 0 comments. Add to Wishlist | Add to Compare; Jackson JS Series Concert Bass Minion JS1XM - Snow White. The JMJ Road Worn Mustang Bass is equipped for a variety of musical settings, and features a vintage- style look and feel. Fast-forward to today and the introduction of Fender’s Mustang Bass PJ. Since its original release in 1964, the Mustang Bass has been one of Fender's most enduring bass designs, finding its way into the hands of bassists ranging from The Rolling Stones to My Chemical Romance. By Mister RLP, July 1, 2019 in Bass Guitars. huijuijui, da kommt doch mal wieder der alte offset-indie-boy in mir durch, was für ein schicker bass! Now Fender has partnered with JMJ to design the Fender Justin Meldal-Johnsen Road Worn Bass and bring it to the public. I have them both listed on talkbass. HOLLYWOOD, Calif. (June 25, 2019)— Fender Musical Instruments Corporation (FMIC) today announced the launch of the Vintera Series, a line of vintage-inspired electric guitar and bass models that embody a period-specific vibe, including: the Stratocaster®, Telecaster®, Jaguar®, Mustang®, Jazzmaster®, Jazz Bass®, Precision Bass® and Mustang Bass. The Fender JMJ Road Worn Mustang Bass is as period correct as possible to the 1966 Fender Mustang bass and in my opinion, just feels right. Color Black Faded Daphne Blue Fingerboard Material Rosewood Quantity. Er spielt sich mit … MORE ON THE WAY. From studio to stage, Justin s treasured 67 Mustang Bass is his tool of choice. Egal ob künstlich geaged oder über … Allen ball end for easy access! I have an CIJ mustang & a JMJ - Both with fender flats as fitted to the JMJ as stock. Add to Cart Notify Me When Available. 1 year ago. Add to Cart. Add to Cart. Der JMJ Road Worn Mustang Bass ist optisch und haptisch im authentischen Vintage-Stil gehalten und eignet sich für verschiedene musikalische Charakteristiken und Settings. Read the review: http://bit.ly/FenderMustangJMJ Justin Meldal-Johnsen has plenty of basses at his disposal. JMJ Road Worn® Mustang® Bass new. Modell-Nummer: 0144060390. Stiletto Extreme Series 4-String Electric Bass in Black Cherry. The name Justin Meldal-Johnsen might not be well-known among casual fans, but if you’ve listened to modern music, you’ve probably heard his work. JMJ Road Worn® Mustang® Bass. He is responsible for recording, touring and providing the low end for such massive acts as Nine Inch Nails, Beck & Gnarls Barkley. The road worn aspect recreates the wear of the original, while the old school hardware, thumb rest and lollypop oval-shaped tuners all evoke 60s Fender nostalgia. Availability: This item is currently not available. By Musicman20, July 13, 2017 in Bass Guitars. YMMV of course. ⚡️ Fender Mustang Bass Battle! Fender JMJ Road Worn Mustang Bass - Black. Ich persönlich stehe ja total auf real Roadworn aber genau so auf gut gemachtes Relic, daher zeigt mir doch mal was ihr habt! Fender introduced the Mustang bass in 1964, and while it never enjoyed the prominence of its genre-defining Precision and Jazz cousins, it always had a passionate fan base. NBD: JMJ Roadworn Mustang .

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